Founded in 2016 after one man's journey through his diagnosis and treatment of a growing tumor, Michigan Pharmacopeia® is an online content destination that allows for everyday people to learn about and discover the wellness routines and healthy lifestyle choices that can be incorporated into their daily lives, via recommendations from social influencers and community leaders from around the world. At Michigan Pharmacopeia®, our belief is that no one should ever have to sacrifice or compromise the needs of their health simply because of a lack of resources and/or finances. With that commitment, Michigan Pharmacopeia® launched MICOPEIA®, our own in-house produced line of all natural and organic wellness and bodycare products. Using sacred recipes and production processes that date back many generations, handcrafted and distributed right from the heart of Detroit, America's Motor City, at MICOPEIA®, our products are a reflection of our heritage, and in a world that's constantly changing, taking care of ourselves and each other is a tradition that shouldn't have to be compromised.


Coming in at just over 58,000 square kilometers, Lake Michigan is one of the world's largest natural freshwater lakes, and from it's nutrient rich shores, the lake' s waters have become the flowing life force responsible for the State of Michigan's most famous crops including apples, blueberries, corn, wheat, cherries, grapes and many more. 

From these picturesque waters and wooded landscapes come the premium and all natural handcrafted goods provided through MICOPEIA®, inspired by the very organic herbs, tinctures and herbal supplements produced by Michigan Pharmacopeia's® founder to treat his Schwannomatosis (a rare form of Neurofibromatosis that causes tumors to grow on nerves). Using sacred recipes that have been passed down over many generations, MICOPEIA's® small team of herbalists assembled together, after individually spending time studying plant medicine and extraction under the blessings and guidance of pioneer healers and shamans in Hawai'i, Thailand, China, Japan and Africa.   

When you're purchasing from MICOPEIA®, you are not just supporting a small business; rather, you are coming into the Michigan Pharmacopeia® community of health, wellness and positive lifestyle changes, abundant with members eager to uplift one another for the betterment of our planet and collective future.