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Like a whisper of intent that you can't shake, after being diagnosed with Schwannomatosis in 2016, I felt somewhat of a calling to share health-related information and resources with others that were living with chronic pain and/or tumors.

This whisper began immediately after I found out that my tumors were non-malignant, opening the release of mounting pressure, worry and fear that I had held onto and stored away for so long; however, my joy didn't last too long, as I quickly thought about how many people have the complete opposite reaction when they find out that there is a form of malignancy within their bodies. 

Once 260lbs in high school, by the time I turned 30, I had adopted healthier lifestyle choices, completely changed my eating habits and found new ways to incorporate wellness into my life. This journey that would lead me to learning about all natural and organic wellness also guided me to the Big Island of Hawai'i, where I studied herbal remedies, extraction and the medicinal properties of plants and mushrooms, under the tutelage, kindness and compassion of two of my greatest mentors: the late Bill Breevort (a Pioneer in Chinese and Herbal Medicine) and the late Kim "Ki'i" Nakamura (a highly respected local Hawaiian native who supported his community through customer-tailored herbal blended teas, oils, tinctures and assorted topical ointments). 

To me, it was a no brainer: I wasn't being given a life sentence of chronic pain; rather, my life had spent 30 years preparing me with first-hand experiences to help and be of service to others!

That's why I launched Michigan Pharmacopeia® in 2016. I knew that there was a world of people just like me who wanted to connect, talk, share, encourage and uplift each other through our journey's towards adopting healthier lifestyle habits. Building upon and handcrafting the very formulations, lessons and herbal blends passed to me by my mentors, I began offering all natural and organic wellness products because I felt that if these products and routines are working for me...maybe someone else might benefit; that's why, the core products offered through MICOPEIA® have been inspired by the very organic herbs, tinctures and herbal supplements that have greatly improved my quality of life since that 2016 diagnosis.

I am so honored to be able to give back to others in such a deeply meaningful way, and thank you for exploring the TREAT YOURSELF to WELLNESS blog: an online content destination that allows for everyday people to learn about and discover the wellness routines and healthy lifestyle choices that can be incorporated into their daily lives, via recommendations from social influencers, community leaders and celebrities from around the world.

For the record, today, my largest tumor which was nearly the size of a golf ball is now only the size of a marble, and my doctor emphatically commented in my medical records: "Keep doing what you're doing!" 

Until we connect again, remember, BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!


Rashon Amiel Massey

Founder, Michigan Pharmacopeia®  & MICOPEIA®

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