VIDEO: Treat Yourself to Wellness EP02 - Beginner’s Guide to Basic Herbal Infusions

We are already over a month into 2019, and we hope that you are steadily accomplishing your goals that you’ve made for yourself! 

As a vehicle of support, information, education and resources, I wanted to dedicate an episode of Treat Yourself to Wellness to the various herbal preparations that can be used, in order to reap the medicinal benefits of plants, leaves, flowers, roots, barks, etc. 

Just a brief overview of the infusions behind the products we produce and offer through our line MICOPEIA®, we hope this video gives you a clearer understanding of not just our products but the wide array of herbal preparations being used all around the world! 


Remember - Be good to yourself! 


Rashon Amiel Massey

Founder, Michigan Pharmacopeia® MICOPEIA®


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