VIDEO: Treat Yourself to Wellness Ep01 w/ Rashon A. Massey

This is a very exciting moment, as Michigan Pharmacopeia® debuts our first video episode for this new blog series "Treat Yourself to Wellness"! 

To kick things off, I'm taking you on a quick 1.5 minute trip through my morning breakfast smoothie routine. 

Oftentimes, we can feel that making healthy adjustments and changes to our life can be overwhelming, scary and nerve racking; moreover, when we slip up or fall off the routine, we somehow just...fall apart! It is at this moment, when the discipline in which we had set up for ourselves to achieve our goal(s) has been disturbed, and instead of brushing off and moving on from that moment when we decided to have that extra helping of food or not go to the gym because we might have partied too hard the night before, we find ourselves just giving up. We tell ourselves, "Next year...the next New Year...that's my year. That's when I'll get it together." 

The moment we realize that each day is a new day to make our lives better, we can allow for our prior mistakes and harsh self-criticisms to be left in the past, in order for us to maximize on the blessed opportunity to give it our best effort each morning that we rise.

Next week, we will be adding the organic Bladderwrack and organic Irish Sea Moss blend featured in this video to our MICOPEIA® online store, in addition to a few delicious smoothie recipes that you can easily add this blend to!

Until we connect again, remember, BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!


sound editor & cinematography - Jahmann Massey

video editor - Rashon A. Massey

Music — “Wooo!” by Pure Colors from the San Junipero EP (listen to the song AND full EP now on Bandcamp! - (

Special Thanks to Grant Henderson & GREATNESS THE ONE clothing

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Rashon Amiel Massey

Founder, Michigan Pharmacopeia®MICOPEIA® 

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