VIDEO: Treat Yourself to Wellness EP 03 w/ Ascended Master Antojai

For this episode of Treat Yourself to Wellness, I wanted to connect with another active member of the metro-Detroit community who is using their passion for wellness to help others, and one of the first individuals to come to mind was Ascended Master Antojai. 

We initially met during the summer of 2018, and we instantly knew that we would be good friends on our respective journeys towards giving back to Detroit and across Michigan. For being an individual with over 23+ years of experience in energy healing, shamanism and several other modalities, Ascended Master Antojai actually has a rather light-hearted, calming and oftentimes humorous and playful energy about him, and I expect that has helped him immensely in his world travels to help others.

They say: “Heavy is the head that wears the crown” right?!; for that reason, I am always fascinated to discover the wellness routines, cycles and support that everyday people, especially leaders in any right, are doing...because it takes a lot to take care of others! 

The team and I at Michigan Pharmacopeia couldn’t be more thrilled to have Ascended Master Antojai as our first guest on Treat Yourself to Wellness, and you and all of your friends are invitied to join us next Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 11:30am ET on Instagram, when we host a LIVE interview session with Ascended Master Antojai! Make sure to follow us now @MIPharmacopeia on Instagram! 


Founder of Antojai Online Ascension Academy and Antojai Quantum Healing, Ascended Master Antojai is a global leader on energy health, medicine and lifestyle mastery. A life long shaman - Master Antojai empowers the healers of tomorrow, and the people of today with life-changing knowledge of energy. His healing style is quickly becoming adopted by the global healing community as an everyday practice, essential for profound wellness. 

Q: What wellness activities are you doing?
A: Antojai Energy work, meditation, morning blended drink, mindfulness, positive psychology practices

Q: Which wellness products are you using? 
A: MICOPEIA Valerian Root and MICOPEIA Ashwagandha Root Tincture

Website(s) &  

Social Handles
@antojai @ascendedmasterantojai


Remember - Be good to yourself! 


Rashon Amiel Massey

Founder, Michigan Pharmacopeia® MICOPEIA®

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