The Last Full Moon of the Decade - What does it mean?

On the East coast of the United States, starting at 12:12a ET, tonight, December 12, 2019 (12-12 at 12:12a), we will be under the last full moon of the decade.
This moon reminds us to reflect upon our own voices and desires, calling into life the things that we want. During the last full moon, under Sagittarius, we were encouraged to write down our most wildest of dreams and goals, no matter how over the top that may have seemed. This go-around, we are encouraged to speak those wishes into existence, using our voice to lead us into the new year!
As an herbalist, I always consult with other veteran natural practitioners and sources, and for this moon, we want to be encouraging the use of herbs like Mullein and Lavender. Both of these are great for the breath, particularly Mullein. In Traditional Chinese Medicine and medicine of the West, we use Mullein for it's medicinal respiratory properties; for that reason, we want to incorporate Mullein to encourage us to use our voices, speaking up for the things we desire while having the strength to say no to what doesn't serve us and move us forward any longer.
Enjoy these final moments of 2019, and know that you are capable of mighty great things...just put your health first!
Remember - Be Good to Yourself!
Rashon A. Massey
Founder, MICOPEIA and

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