...and coming up at 9:43 P.M. EDT, we have our official FULL MOON of March 2019 - the annual Full Worm Moon!

Did you know that the last time that the Full Worm Moon and the spring equinox occurred on the same day was March 20, 1981?

This moon will also be a SUPERMOON meaning that it will be nearly at its closest to the Earth!

To mark the special occasion, we have kicked off Michigan Pharmacopeia and MICOPEIA's official Spotify playlists!

Honoring the Full Moon of March, the spring equinox and MICOPEIA's 2019 Spring Product Collection, MICOPEIA's playlist bobs and weaves through the inspiring music and songs that have been fueling our work in the herbal labs for the past several months. From the sounds of Italian vocal legend Mina to Roberta Flack and Josephine Baker, these tracks filled with gypsy-jazz plucked strings of guitar and hip-rocking induced sounds of samba are surely meant to transport you to your own Juliet-balcony, overlooking a small town off the coast of the Mediterranean. Over on MichiganPharmacopeia.com's "TREAT YOURSELF to MUSIC" playlist, curated around indie-music goddess Karen O and Danger Mouse's new collaborative album Lux Prima, we have a blend of new and classic uplifting, danceable music to get you through your days!


CLICK HERE FOR THE MICOPEIA PLAYLISThttps://open.spotify.com/user/pttain2oaw9irj2c4h8bkg726/playlist/10qhZgAhtl1R4MI9leQbbx?si=Iej3UttOTNG2cOkeTQvSzg


 CLICK HERE FOR THE MICHIGANPHARMACOPEIA.com SPOTIFY PLAYLISThttps://open.spotify.com/user/idf6yspzmxtdi9gszcsnbdf6k/playlist/0owVef1G1fIGhbJfBvuL3v?si=HH-X_btbQFqL9_wjAshlaA

Remember, be good to yourself!


Rashon Amiel Massey

Founder, Michigan Pharmacopeia® & MICOPEIA®

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