I am happy to share that as of last week, I became one of the first recipients of both an individual Hemp Grower and Processor-Handler License, as part of the State of Michigan’s Department of Agriculture & Rural Development’s (MDARD) 2019 HEMP AG-PILOT PROGRAM. To date, licenses have only been granted to a handful of applicants, in response to the 2018 Farm Bill and Michigan laws passed in December 2018 that require firms to be licensed by the MDARD to grow, process or market industrial hemp.

As an African-American, the significance of this historic moment in both the State of Michigan and our nation’s history is one that inspires me and should give others hope. I once read on that ‘nearly 80% of people in federal prison and almost 60% of people in state prison for drug offenses are either black or latino’, and with many states now looking towards improving and updating their ‘misguided drug laws and draconian sentencings’, I am incredibly proud to be conducting research on behalf of Michigan’s 2019 Hemp Ag-Pilot Program. With a focus on the overall hemp planting and harvesting needs for small businesses, while determining the potential for creating and/or expanding jobs through hemp manufacturing, I am beyond grateful for this opportunity, and I am proud of these forward steps that our state and nation are taking.

I look forward to openly sharing the progress of the research that I am conducting, while giving the community first access to any hemp-infused products sold through MICOPEIA.

I cannot thank this community enough, for your continual and enduring support!


Remember - be good to yourself! 

Rashon A. Massey

Founder, and MICOPEIA

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