Greetings friends and supporters-

It is the first Monday of June, and Summer is just weeks away! We are debuting new hemp-infused bodycare items to our MICOPEIA product line this month, and as we're preparing our online shelves and retailers for MICOPEIA's Summer Collection inventory, on behalf of the team, I do apologize for having to temporarily suspend online sales of our products. If you're interested in making a purchase, at this time, please email me directly at MichiganPharmacopeia@yahoo.com. Thanks for your understanding!

I have thoroughly been enjoying this transition into the new season, and there are such great things on the horizon. 

This month alone, we have the launch of our Treat Yourself to Wellness Podcast! While we are finalizing the details of the best distribution platforms, we already have our first two episodes edited. 

This Wednesday, we are debuting the #MyWellnessJourney segment of Treat Yourself to Wellness, with our very own Lance Alyas. Initially available via IGTV, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, we are beyond excited to offer you more engaging content across multiple platforms. 

Coming up the following Wednesday, on June 12, we have not one but TWO special guests sharing their wellness journey's for Treat Yourself to Wellness. Marty Sheedy, Founder of Project Scissor Gait (www.ProjectScissorGait.com) and Misha "Dream" Walker, International Ambassador for AMCSI (www.MishaDreamWalker.com)! Individuals living with rare conditions just like myself, we are excited to share EP02 of the podcast the following Wednesday.

We are cooking up some more goodness and surprises for the community this month, but we hope this update will hold you fine folk down for now! I can give a hint that you may want to pay special attention to our social media accounts on Wednesday's from here on out! Wellness Wenesday's are just going to keep getting better!

Remember- be good to yourself!


Rashon A. Massey

Founder, MichiganPharmacopeia.com and MICOPEIA

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