#90SecondReviews & the w0lfpack!

Greetings Friends! 

Today, we are kicking off a really fun and ongoing social media segment for Treat Yourself to Wellness called #90SecondReview!

As you might have recently seen, we've launched our own handcrafted MICOPEIA 1000mg CBD Tincture, as a way to offer you a premium product you can trust, while using the product as a means to introduce an ongoing conversation about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. 

Knowing that this was a space ripe with information and resources, we would be foolish to go down this road alone! That is why I am so happy and honored to share that we have forged a partnership with the California-based w0lfpack Mentality!

Over the past year of building MichiganPharmacopeia.com and the MICOPEIA product line, I found myself receiving multiple boosts of inspiration and encouragement from @themommyjane on Instagram.

 An open consumer of cannabis, @themommyjane has been working hard to educate and connect influencers and brands with people seeking to learn more about cannabis-related products. As you can guess, I was thrilled when she joined forces with the hardworking team at w0lfpack Mentality, and I jumped at the chance to receive a monthly w0lfpack Swag Bag filled with cannabis-infused products!

To help me in this new venture, I've enlisted the help of some friends who are actively working within the Detroit medicinal cannabis scene at various dispensaries!

Make sure to follow @MIPharmacopeia on Instagram, to catch the latest episodes of #90SecondReview!


Remember - Be good to yourself! 

Rashon Amiel Massey

Founder, Michigan Pharmacopeia® & MICOPEIA®

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