Good Morning, Friends!

This blog post is a special one, kicking off a calendar of engaging content to keep you motivated throughout your weeks. 

If you've been paying attention to our social media lately (@MIPharmacopeia and @MICOPEIA on Instagram), you've seen that we've begun a few new #hashtag segments, and after taking your feedback into consideration, we've invested more time and resources into these daily shareable nuggets of wellness.

You'll now be able to stop by our blog to receive Wellness Update's which will include:

  • Products that will be featured on our IGTV/Instagram's #90SecondReviews segment
  • #HOTW - Herb of the Week
  • Our #WeeklyWellnessSpotlight, where we choose a social influencer to acknowledge and 'shout out'
  • #SOTD - Song of the Day pulled from our 'Treat Yourself to Music' and 'MICOPEIA' Spotify playlists


This week for #90SecondReviews, in partnership with @w0lfpackmentality, our friend Amber Verdell (@serendipitouscreateur on Instagram) is sharing her thoughts/feedback on our latest reviewed product - Mangia Ghanja's Gluten Free and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie. You can look for the review to go live on our @MIPharmacopeia Instagram and IGTV at 9a and 3p ET.

#HOTW - CHAGA is our Herb of the Week

As an herbalist who is always growing and learning, I can spend WAY too much time just hanging out with the herbs, mushrooms and various other medicinal plants I have hanging around my own home; for that reason, I thought to myself, "Rah, you have stop geeking out about these things alone!" Coming up this week, we will be making daily posts on our social media accounts that will be sharing with you all of medicinal benefits of the chaga mushroom!


You might be hip to this already, but for the past two weeks, we've been using our social media to acknowledge the inspiring efforts and content that other social influencers are publishing that's adding another layer of motivation in our lives. This week, we are showcasing the posts of Instagrammer @blaq.vegan


HAVE A GREAT WEEK, and remember - be good to yourself!

Rashon Amiel Massey

Founder, Michigan Pharmacopeia® & MICOPEIA®

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